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Tool description

Abridge is a digital tool that transcribes, highlights, and summarizes medical dialogues, saving physicians from manual note-taking and improving patient documentation. Its consumer app keeps patients informed about their health by recapping important information for easy reference.

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Use case categories
Administration, Patient education
healthcare integration
EHR integration, HIPAA
Canada, USA

Clinical and administrative applications

Abridge can be used in the context of reducing the admin burden for consultations. Consider a hematologist diagnosing a patient with polycythemia vera. As the physician elaborates on the diagnosis, proposed treatments, and necessary lifestyle changes, Abridge actively records and transcribes the dialogue. This automated transcription process enables the hematologist to concentrate on patient interaction, while ensuring that a comprehensive record of the conversation is preserved for future reference.

Additionally, Abridge serves an important function in patient education by sending patients after-visit summaries via its consumer app to increase their participation and adherence to care. In the polycythemia vera example, the patient might find it challenging to recall all the details conveyed during the appointment. Abridge addresses this issue by supplying a thorough transcript of the conversation for the patient to review later. Furthermore, Abridge emphasizes crucial information from the dialogue and translates complex medical terminology into language that's easier to comprehend. This ensures patients have a clear understanding of their diagnosis, treatment options, and next steps, ultimately fostering patient adherence and positive health outcomes.

Integrate deeply with the top EHRs (including Epic), and offer lighter weight HL7 options as well. Supercharge your workflow by connecting directly to the API! Abridge's technology is HIPAA-compliant and follows industry best practices to protect patient information.

Clinical evidence

Abridge continuously contributes to machine learning research to help people better understand and act upon their health. In one of the recent articles published in the Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Abridge participated in the introduction of the first complete pipelines to leverage deep summarization models to generate SOAP notes based on transcripts of conversations between physicians and patients.

"Generating SOAP notes from doctor-patient conversations using modular summarization techniques". Proceedings of the 59th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 11th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing. August 2021. 4958-4972.