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Tool description

Nuance offers AI-powered healthcare solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of doctors and healthcare professionals. Dragon Medical One transcribes voice-generated content directly into clinical systems, Dragon Ambient eXperience automates patient care documentation, and PowerScribe One improves radiology reporting through AI, streamlining clinical information capture and enhancing overall productivity in healthcare settings.

Use case categories
healthcare integration
EHR integration
Europe, Japan, Most countries (with language restrictions)

Clinical and administrative applications

One significant way Nuance helps reduce administrative burdens is through its clinical documentation improvement (CDI) capabilities. Clinicians often spend a significant amount of time documenting patient encounters and updating medical records. Nuance's AI-powered speech recognition technology enables clinicians to dictate their notes directly into the electronic health record (EHR) system, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This not only saves time but also improves accuracy and efficiency in capturing patient information.

In the context of hematology, one concrete example of how Nuance can be utilized is in the interpretation and reporting of blood smears that are typically examined under a microscope to assess the morphology and abnormalities of blood cells. With Nuance, a hematologist could use speech recognition to describe their findings in real-time while examining the blood smear. The tool would transcribe the spoken words into text, which can then be directly integrated into the patient's electronic record. This streamlines the documentation process, allowing the hematologist to focus more on analyzing the blood cells and making accurate diagnoses, rather than spending excessive time on manual documentation.

While the specific example of using Nuance for real-time transcription of hematology findings is based on the capabilities of the tool, it is important to note that the actual implementation and integration into existing laboratory systems may require additional development and customization.

Note: Nuance does not natively support Czech language.

Clinical evidence

Nuance’s solutions are used by 77% of hospitals and 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide to capture 300 million patient stories each year. In some of their use cases, after implementing Nuance solutions, 94% of physicians felt they could do their jobs better, while 70% saw their documentation quality improve. They also realized $45 million in appropriate reimbursement—while accurately capturing SOI/ROM. And not only did they achieve enhanced satisfaction, it drove overall uplift in quality of care.

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