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Tool description

Personal AI is a tool that enables healthcare professionals to create personalized chatbots, reflecting their unique communication style, knowledge, expertise, and services. This allows for improved patient engagement, information sharing, collaboration, and ultimately better patient care outcomes.

Free or monthly subscription ($40)
Use case categories
healthcare integration
Czech Republic, Israel, Japan, Most countries (with language restrictions)

Clinical and administrative applications

Personal AI has applicability for patient follow-up and support. By leveraging personalized algorithms that draw upon your communication style, service lines and professional expertise, the tool can conduct natural language conversations with patients, informal caregivers and loved ones to offer individualized advice that directly caters to their needs. Whether it's explaining their health condition, discussing potential treatments, assisting with appointment arrangements, or educating them about upcoming clinical trials, the Personal AI tool equips you with the means to enhance patient communication and elevate the standard of follow-up care.

For instance, in the hematology context, the Personal AI tool can be employed to assist a patient recovering from a bone marrow transplant at home. While the AI doesn't monitor patients' conditions or alert healthcare teams about possible complications, it can facilitate understanding of the patient's condition, such as explaining the recovery process after a bone marrow transplant, discussing the signs of potential complications like graft-versus-host disease or infection, and suggesting when it might be appropriate to seek medical advice. This puts information in the hands of patients whenever they need it to reinforce their learning and adherence.

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Clinical evidence