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Ellen AI

Tool description

Ellen AI is an algorithm that augments the chatting experience of other Generative AI tools, like chatGPT. It creates the text-to-voice voice interaction layer on top of generative AI chatbot interactions. It can be used in clinical applications to provide auditory explanations to patients, loved ones and informal caregivers to support care.

Pay once ($29)
Use case categories
healthcare integration
Europe, Israel, Japan, USA

Clinical and administrative applications

Healthcare clinicians could leverage Ellen AI’s text-to-voice capabilities to enhance patient communication and accessibility. Ellen could help convert written instructions, educational materials, or discharge summaries into high-quality spoken content, benefiting patients with visual impairments or those who prefer audio-based information.

While the focus of Ellen AI seems to be on text-to-voice functionality, it is worth noting that ChatGPT, the underlying AI model, has extensive generative AI properties. This can be applied in a wide range of clinical and administrative use cases, including data analysis, decision support, and ensuring comprehension and adherence to treatment plans or follow-up guidelines.

Clinical evidence