Capture clinical data and enhance productivity with Nuance’s AI-Powered Healthcare Solutions.

Syntegra Medical Mind

Gain deep insights into disease patterns, varied treatment outcomes, and equitable treatment options using synthetic patient data


Streamline patient encounters, improve accuracy, and save time with Corti’s advanced voice-based AI


Accelerate diagnoses and optimize patient care with Regard’s AI-powered clinical insights and intelligent EMR integration

RedBrick AI (F.A.S.T)

Automate medical imaging segmentation and annotation with AI to improve the efficiency of diagnostic workflows


Automated transcription and after-visit summaries for patients, simplifying medical terms mentioned during consultations for better understanding and improved adherence

Suki Assistant 2

Focus on patient care during consultations while Suki generates accurate clinical notes and ICD-10 codes with EHR systems in real time. Note: this tool is available soon.


Automate triage, patient engagement, and administrative tasks with natural-sounding virtual agents

Paige FullFocus

Get clinical insights with precise detection and identification of tissue patterns for faster and more accurate diagnoses


Get comprehensive lists of differential diagnoses and workup options for enhanced diagnostic accuracy and informed decision-making