Syntegra Medical Mind

Gain deep insights into disease patterns, varied treatment outcomes, and equitable treatment options using synthetic patient data


Streamline patient encounters, improve accuracy, and save time with Corti’s advanced voice-based AI

Hippocratic AI

Enhance patient engagement, access, and outcomes, and empower compassionate care with Hippocratic AI

Unlearn AI

Unlock personalized insights and optimize patient outcomes with Unlearn AI’s groundbreaking digital twin technology


Accelerate diagnoses and optimize patient care with Regard’s AI-powered clinical insights and intelligent EMR integration


Speed up non-clinical tasks and enhance productivity, from writing summaries to drafting custom templates, with the help from ChatGPT

Google Bard (+Med-Palm)

Answer medical questions and summarize insights for better patient education and clinical decision support

Ellen AI

Ellen AI is an algorithm that augments the chatting experience of other Generative AI tools, like chatGPT.

RedBrick AI (F.A.S.T)

Automate medical imaging segmentation and annotation with AI to improve the efficiency of diagnostic workflows

Boost patient adherence and education, letting your patients chat anytime with a personalized chatbot that reflects your knowledge